Monday, December 15, 2014

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ISABEL Mateos, popularly known as 'The pechotes', has reappeared on the night of Madrid. The girl, who took refuge in a friend's house to guard the media tsunami, is back out in the company of her friends to some of the most exclusive clubs in the capital. Yes, put on a white cap and dyed blond bangs.

MARIO VAQUERIZO recently purchased the floor below him. Before already had the top, so it now has three in the central building of 16 houses near the Gran Vía. To make matters worse, her sister Marta owns next door. Let that among all the family already have four floors. There was a time when fans visited the building as part of a corridor of alternative Madrid.

JAMES RODRIGUEZ, Real Madrid player has made very good friends with a known public relations nightclub. The young Colombian not frequent excessive nightlife of the capital, although, as has known this detective, yes often left with this promoter in his free time to play one 2015 Fifa games on the Playstation.

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JESUS CASTRO, fashionable actor of Spanish cinema is not going through its best moments with his girlfriend. She does not get along that her boyfriend has become the object of devotion of thousands of young and discussions between them only increasing.

CARMELO Gomez is a good companion who likes to watch other stage professionals. Last Thursday she went to the Fall Festival in Spring in the room to see Vaivén Fourth Wall, a piece of Antonio Ruz. The striking thing is that it was accompanied by a beautiful redhead with whom he shared confidences and candy in the chair. A scenic evening, incidentally, also attended Esperanza Roy, great fur coat.

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